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One Day Cheesemaking Workshop
One Day Cheesemaking Workshop
One Day Cheesemaking Workshop
One Day Cheesemaking Workshop

The Curiosity Project NZ

One Day Cheesemaking Workshop


Saturday 23rd September
9.00am - 4.30pm
Over the Moon Cheese Factory
33 Tirau Street, Putaruru

 Join us for this full day cheesemaking workshop - learn all you need to know to confidently make great cheeses in your own kitchen

What will you learn?

This workshop is suited to anyone without any experience up to an experienced home cheesemaker. It’s a fun way to learn to make cheese or hone your skills.

So, what's included;
Morning: we will be making Brie/Camembert
Lunch: Lunch at The Wooden Farmer (included in workshop price)
Afternoon: we will be making Mozzarella

This includes adding starter to the pre-warmed milk, adding the rennet, cutting the curd, stirring the curds, hooping and turning, with instructions on how to finish off your cheese at home. You’ll make the cheese yourself in a small group, and at the end of the session take your own cheese home with you. 

The session also includes a demonstration of ricotta, mascarpone and Greek style yoghurt which you’ll taste during the class. You’ll also taste a small selection of award winning Over the Moon cheeses!

You’ll be surprised how simple cheesemaking can be and how delightful it is to nourish your friends and family with food you’ve made yourself.

Who will be teaching?

Our course has been developed and run by Master Cheesemaker Neil Willman who has taught most of the professional cheesemakers in Australia over the last 30 years. He is a veteran of hundreds of home cheesemaking classes, an international cheese judge, and still runs the largest dairy competition in Australia. His current project is helping to lift the standard of cheesemaking in the Andes in Peru. He is assisted by Sue Arthur, owner and founder of international award winning cheesemaking company Over the Moon Dairy.

What to bring

A clean apron, pen and paper, enthusiasm and lots of questions!

Please note:
• There are 
Gluten Free and Vegetarian options available for lunch (any extra special requirement please advise us in advance).
• The workshop is in Putaruru, please allow at least an hour to get there from Tauranga.

Still Curious? Join us